“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
Karen Davison


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Chyna is a very nice Beagle mix girl who was born around April of 2011. She was owner surrendered because her family could no longer care for her. She's a very sweet, gentle lady, and she will be a great friend and companion. She is beautiful, has a nice disposition, and will be a grand new best friend!


Joe is a beautiful Beagle mix boy who was born around March of 2010. He was found as a stray, and the kind person who found him couldn't keep him, so PAWS was contacted. He is such a lover boy, and he would love to spend the rest of his days in your lap (if he would just fit!). He's good looking, he loves people, he's well socialized and he gets along well with other dogs. Come on to PAWS and meet this guy---he's just a wonderful companion dog.


Max is a fine little Chihuahua mix boy who was born in August of 2012. He was owner surrendered because his family could no longer care for him. He's a handsome lad, and he does well with other dogs. Come meet Mr. Max today and see if he might be the one for you.


Boudreau is quite a handsome young man. He is a Beagle/Min Pin mix, and he was born around January of 2016. He was owner surrendered because his family could no longer care for him. He's sad because he can't live with them any more, but he's sure there is someone out there for him. He's lovable, gets along well with other dogs, likes people, and is a very distinguished looking lad. He says if you will let him join your family, he will love you to pieces no matter what, and will always, always be your very best friend.


Venus (which means Goddess of Love) is definitely living up to her name! She is just the sweetest little kitty, and she will love you to pieces, and you will love her if you will just take her home and let her join your family. She's a gorgeous gray tiger striped and white kitten, and she's such a nice baby girl! She was born around May 20, 2016, and she was owner surrendered. Her family could no longer care for her and asked PAWS to find a home for her. Will you come get her and be that home? If you do, we guarantee you will never regret it. When she leaves PAWS, she will be spayed, micro-chipped, dewormed, and up to date on her shots.


Kade is an awesome Walker Coonhound mix puppy, and he was born 7-09-16. He and his sister were owner surrendered because his family didn't have his mom spayed, she had puppies, and they didn't want the puppies. He is a beautiful little fellow, and he's just as sweet as he can be. He has a great disposition and loves to play, but will settle down quickly when he temporarily has used up all his energy. He is a fantastic puppy, and if you are looking for a medium to large fur baby who will become your life long friend and companion, look no further! Kade is the one for you!!! When he leaves PAWS, he will be neutered, micro-chipped, dewormed, and up to date on his shots.


Handsome, precious Pedro is an adorable little fellow. He is a Chihuahua/Maltese mix, and he was born around September of 2015. He weighs around 6 to 8 pounds. He came from a home where there were so many dogs the family couldn't properly care for all of them, so he had to go. He really is a cute little guy, and he will be perfect for a family who is looking for a small lap dog. However, because of his small size, he should not go to a family with young children. When he leaves PAWS, he will be neutered, micro-chipped, up to date with routine shots, and dewormed.


Mr. Gideon is a handsome, lovely Basset/Beagle mix boy who would love to become a part of your family.  He came from another rescue, and he was born around 8-24-2015.  We have no history on him, but we can tell you that he likes people, he does well with other dogs,and he's just an all around fine little dog.  He's so worried that no one will want him because he's no longer a cute little puppy, but we have reassured him that with his beautiful personality and good looking face, no one will be able to resist him!  Come meet Mr. Gideon and take him home with you today!!! What a treasure---what a find!!!


Little Lucky is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, and he was born in August, 2011. He was owner surrendered because his family was no longer able to care for him.---so at the time he was brought to PAWS, he wasn't feeling very "lucky". However, his spirits have picked up, and he now thinks that because he is so cute, and because he is such a good boy, there is someone out there who will want him and come for him. He really is a very nice little dog, and you will spend hours watching his funny antics around the house! If you will come meet Lucky and take him home, you will think there is no one in the world as lucky as you!!!


Beautiful Miss Ivy is nothing less than irresistible! She is such a sweet girl, and she is looking so very hard for a family who will love her just as much as she loves them! She is a Labrador Retriever mix, and she was born around June of 2015. She was owner surrendered because her family could no longer care for her. She is a good lookin' girl---she likes people---she does well with other dogs---and she is so hungry for love and affection! If you have been looking for a young Lab mix, but not a puppy, come meet this lovely lady today. She's sitting here waiting for you!


Petite, playful, precious Pandora is exactly who you need to fill your life with love and laughter! She is a domestic short haired kitty, and she was born around April 1, 2016. She and her sister, Patience, were brought to PAWS because their owner could no longer care of them. She is such a cutie, and you will spend many hours just watching her playful antics as she jumps and plays around the house. Come meet her today---she's sitting here waiting for your!


Mr. Wrinkles is a handsome Shar Pei mix fellow who came to PAWS on 5-23-14 when he was five years old. He has a sad story. His mom died, and then six months later, his dad died. No one wanted him, so PAWS was contacted. Now this fine boy is looking, looking, looking for a new home and family of his own. He has never lived inside, but is ready and willing to give it a try. He will need a very sturdy crate to stay in while you are gone until he understands that your house is his house.If you love the Shar-Pei breed and have been looking for a mature dog in the medium size range, Wrinkles may be just the one for you.

Billy Bob

Billy Bob is a lovely male Chihuahua mix who was born in May, 2013. He weighs around 15 lbs, but could stand to loose a couple of pounds. He was owner surrendered because his family was moving and couldn't take him with them. He's a very nice boy---has a gorgeous rich chocolate coat that is highlighted by its tan and white marking---and he would LOVE to go home with you and be a part of your family. He has been neutered, micro-chipped, de-wormed, and is current on his routine shots.. HE IS NOT BEING HOUSED AT PAWS', SO PLEASE EITHER CALL PAWS AT (618) 833-3647 or EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET HIM.


Alexander is a very handsome young man who was born in March, 2013. He's a very sleek, handsome, playful, gets along with other cats, and likes people---so what's not to like about this boy! Come meet Mr. Alexander---he's a dandy!


Miss Iva is a lovely Domestic Short Hair gray and white kitten who was born in May, 2015. She was owner surrendered. She is a playful young lady, but she also likes to cuddle on your lap when she gets tired and sleepy. She's just as sweet as she can be, and you will spend hours just watching her funny antics as she scampers around your house. If you need a companion whom you can count on to also be your best friend, Iva is the one for you! Hurry on down and meet her today! She's a beauty!


Little Leona was a case of a baby having babies. She is a beautiful Calico cat who was born in (approximately)August, 2014. A lady found her in her yard having kittens. Can you imagine just how frightened Leona was, and how worried she was about how she was going to be able to take care of all of them.  Leona has been such a good mother, but now that all but one of her kittens have found new homes, she thinks it's time for her to find her forever home. She is a lovely young lady, and she would love to settle down with a loving family and become their very best feline friend.

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