“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
Karen Davison


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For three months now, we have been proud owners of a 9.6 pound Rat Terrier named Oreo whom we rescued from your shelter, Paws in Anna , Illinois on October 24th 2015. 
As of Tuesday , January 19th Oreo graduated from First Friend k9 training in Fishers Indiana.
She is now walking tall and holding her ears up high !!  
She loves her pack, people and fellow dogs.  She is such a joy, so full of energy and love.
I miss my Terrier, Cashew but Oreo has made a cookie shape spot in our hearts that will last forever.
Just wanted you and the rest at PAWS to know that and thank you once again for all you do there at PAWS.
Hope you enjoy these pictures of Oreo and her last day of training. ( and her diploma ! ) She was the smallest dog there.
Last picture is of Oreo and Shadow under my computer desk.  They lay there at times when I am on the computer.
 Lots of doggie love to you !!!

Barb and Ron O.


I just wanted you to see now great little laya is doing, she seems to be very happy being here with me. She loves my grandkids and they are good with her.

Jeannie S.


Christmas was AWESOME! We are finally recovered enough to tell you about it. If anyone would have told us this at adoption we wouldn't have believed it. Mom started the day by giving us soft food instead of hard. Then once our tummies were full we got Harley Davidson collars and toys. We also got new ID tags.  Then mom took us to the garage. She said that all of us would get to go to Sturgis next year in our new (to us) pop up camper. We got to go in and then saw that were beds enough for all of us. There is a table, and benches, a stove, a sink, mom bought a tv, a DVD player, and a dorm size fridge for it. Most important it has air conditioning. We want to go camping now! We are excited!

Drew and Mom (Kathleen


It's been a few months since we brought Lulu by for a visit, so I thought I'd send a quick update. She is doing so great!  At 10 months old, she is still growing, and is almost 40 lbs. She is turning into such a sweet girl! 
She just got back from her second trip. This one was to Gulf Shores, AL. She saw the beach for the first time and LOVED it!  She had so much fun playing in the sand, and learned to swim.  I have attached a few pictures from our visit there. 
We will try to stop by in a few months for her 1st birthday.

Carrie O.



Just wanted to update you on Cindy.
She's fitting really well into our family.  After a few attempts at marking the first night and one accident the first day she has been remarkably well behaved. She is so sweet!

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