“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
Karen Davison


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RIO is fitting in great with us. She loves to play fetch. She follows me everywhere. I noticed she is more comfortable playing in the house verses outside. I'm sure that will get better after she gets more time playing fetch outdoors.  She is getting get rabies shot and vet check today.  She learned to use the dog door in 1 day. Really smart. 

Lisa H.


Just a quick note to say that all is well here. Simon is spoiled rotten, and we love him to death. We have transitioned him to Blue Dog Food and he loves it. He is such a character! He gets walked morning and afternoon, and he got house-trained in less than two days.  He just lies in front of the garage entrance door, and that's our queue to take him out.
Have a wonderful New Year.
Al & Wendy M.

Tia and Tessa

We wanted to give you an update on the puppies. We decided to change their names to Bella and Jasmine. They are doing well and learning how to potty outside already! Well...puppy pads help haha Bella is our lovey dovey pup and Jasmine likes to investigate. They love to run and play together. We are so glad we adopted both of them. They have made our home feel whole again.
They had their first vet visit today and got their lost puppy shot and kennel cough vaccine. They have an appointment to remove their stitches on Monday and they get their rabies shot February 5th.
Thank you for giving us these wonderful puppies. We love them so much already.

Chelsy B.


. . . I am so very happy to report that today is day number four with the door to Mars' room being left open and giving everyone access to everyone.  The first day or two Mars didn't venture out much, but she has spent most of today out and about the rest of the house.  She ate wet food alongside the other cats last night, played on the cat house this morning, learned where her food and litter box will be (the one all the cats use), and took a nap with my husband this afternoon.  
While there are still bouts of hissing, we feel that tremendous progress has been made!  
Once we are all a little more settled, I'll take some pictures for you.
Have a great night!

Sandra P.


Just a quick update on Springer, whom my husband has now dubbed "Lil Miss" after a character in the novel I published in September:

* If she wasn't housebroken when we adopted her, she is now. Not sure whether to credit her previous owner or Barbara Woodhouse's indispensable crate-training approach, but either way, I'm happy.

* She had no idea how to walk on a leash the first day and had an absolute toddler-style tantrum the first time we tried it. I think our rat terrier showed her what to do, as she went for a short walk with him and Ron the next day, and when I took her for a walk around the block a few hours later, she trotted along more or less at heel.

* She doesn't like being picked up but seems to enjoy (or at least tolerate) being held. She came to work with me in her snazzy new Sherpa bag for a couple of hours Thursday evening and seemed content to hang out on my lap. She made friends with our photo editor and one of our sports reporters.

* I think our other dogs are really good for her. When she's not sure what to do, she just follows their lead.

* She's learning "no" this afternoon, as in, "No, you may not dig a hole in my couch." (At the moment, she is lying on the couch next to the rat terrier, who is not supposed to be up there, either, looking at me like, "What are you gonna do about it?" I think she's finally remembered she's a Chihuahua. LOL)

* She loves her kennel but has gotten brave enough to come out of it on her own in the past 36 hours.

Thanks so much for rescuing her. She's just what our pack needed. . .


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